Alumni Association

 The Alumni Association Invites you to become a new member!
Did you know that the Greenjackets Football Team has an Alumni Association? We are always looking for anyone who has given their time and energy to semi-pro football organizations in New York. If you were a player, coach, cheerleader, trainer, water kid, board member, ticket seller, equipment person, or any other part of the organization contact us.
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We offer 3 levels of membership

– WHITE Level : $10.00  (For Active Players & Staff)

– GREEN Level : $15.00 (Hall of Fame Members)

– GOLD Level : $25.00 (All Other Alumnus)

Former members of our Greenjackets football team we invite you to join the Alumni Association! If you need a bigger push, we’ll send over a few linemen to help you out!

Bob Fish- President
Email Bob Fish

Don Beaty- Vice President

Christine Hollenbeck – Treasurer

Ray Bartholomew – Chaplin
Email Ray Bartholomew

Claudia Hollenbeck – Secretary
Email Claudia Hollenbeck.